Die Dollar Die

Phillip Banks is an ambitious young analyst at Delonge Martin: one of London's oldest private banks. Sent to China to negotiate the sale of the Jin Mao Tower he meets with Jeffrey Choi, a billionaire tycoon, who introduces him to a world of intrigue and mystery.

Against the backdrop of Shanghai's brash new world and a declining US dollar, Phillip Banks finds himself lost in a world of pain, power and unimaginable riches. He discovers a dark secret: Die Dollar Die. But what does it mean?

Phillip Banks travels from London to Buenos Aires, to Thailand and Fal Jalilabad in search of the answer. Can you work it out?


'Nothing happens by chance Phillip, everything is arranged.' [Henry Delonge]
'It is not a crime to kill someone you don't know.' [Sir Pell Hallet-Shoubridge]

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