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Overpopulation follows the life of Phillip Banks as he travels across Asia and Africa bidding for control of Water Infrastructure projects onbehalf of his employer Delonge Martin, a private bank owned by Lord Martin.

Set in the not too distant future we find a world of booming Mega Cities afflicted by disease, mysterious infection, and mass rebellion. A world controlled by The Shadows.

Meanwhile in their quest for control The Shadows launch Spiron the world's first digital consciousness, with a view to re-ordering society in their favour. What could go wrong?

'Democracy cannot survive Overpopulation' [Isaac Asimov]

'Overconsumption and overpopulation underlie every environmental problem we face today' [Jacque Cousteau]

Ever since Thomas Malthus warned of the dangers of booming population Man has been beset with competition for resources. This book shows the plans being made to control Overpopulation

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The Phillip Banks Trilogy