Peter de Berminghame

On the theme of Loyalty Peter tells the story of the man who turned his poor village into Birmingham, winning freedoms for the English, from their tyrannical Norman occupiers. This Two Act Medieval Pop Musical, with a cast of 30, blends costume drama, black humour and 35 songs, to stab at wounds that are as fresh today as they were a thousand years ago.

A Medieval Musical

At the age of 10, poor English born Peter is adopted by the powerful French speaking Baron of Dudley. Renamed 'Pierre' he is raised the Norman way. Upon knighthood he joins the first Crusade, meeting with a violent death at the hands of his enemy Lord Oolighan.
Five years later he astonishes all by returning. Witnessing his Mother's untimely death he commits to her final wish, to marry Aedilthryd: the village beauty. Before he can marry he falls in love with his surrogate sister, Lady Nicole.
His plans to start a market and trade arms from his home town of Bermingham are thwarted by Lord Oolighan. Despite his connections with the ruling elite, Peter finds himself stuck between the 'us' and 'them' of a country divided by birth. His loyalty is tested when his younger brother Richard, attempts to kill his surrogate father - the Baron of Dudley.

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