The Recruiters... Radio Sitcom

The Recruiters... was written in five thirty miunte episodes as a Sitcom for Radio or Stage. Centred around the dealings of recruitment manager Bob Hachett and his gileless young recruiter, Steven Hopewell, as they contend with the world of Sydney Recruitment.

All episodes were performed by Australia's longest running Radio Drama Group - The Radio Players and produced by Stephen Lindsay of Oceanic Records. Incidental music by Robert Salisbury.

Episode 1 Career Opportunities -[28:43mins]

When Sydney Recruiter, Bob Hachett invites young Steve Hopewell to join Phillip Banks, we get a behind-the-scenes look into the tricks of the trade... / Script Download [180KB]

Download the script Career Opportunities

Episode 2 - Executive Search - [28:20 mins] Listen

Bob lands a massive contract, which should save Phillip Banks from bankruptcy. But events prove that even the most simple of recruitments can go wrong. / Audio Download [26M] | Script Download [180KB]

Episode 3 - Human Resources [28:20 mins] Listen

Bob and Steve undertake a staff assessment, only to find they are being used. Their resources are tested by Australia's tallest lift shaft... / Audio Download [26M] | Script Download [171KB]

Episode 4 - Head Hunter - [37:33] - Listen

Chasing their biggest debtor Bob & Steve attempt a sting on Radio Triple K. Miss Morning arrives to help. Steve finds love with Jannelle. / Audio Download [36M] | Script Download [166KB]

Episode 5 - Star Candidate - [35.23] - Listen

Steve finds love with receptionist Jannelle [Jane Arakawa] and decides to become a Poet. Meanwhile Bob falls for visiting Russian Ice Skater - Nastassja Ivanovitch [Iwona Abramowicz].

Featuring the voice of Laura-Leigh Smith, singing Stephen Lindsay song, 'The Rising Sea'.
Script Download [186KB]

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