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The Phillip Banks Trilogy
Die Dollar Die - the Fall of the American Colossus
The Shadows - Nostrum Deus Lucifer
Overpopulation - the Hidden Agenda for Global Reset
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Die Dollar Die - the Fall of the American Colossus
The Shadows - Nostrum Deus Lucifer
Overpopulation - the Hidden Agenda for Global Reset
Peter de Berminghame - The Musical
Greeddy Bear - child fiction
The Recruiters... Radio sitom

Die Dollar Die

$24.95 + post & packaging

Phillip Banks is an ambitious young analyst at Delonge Martin: one of London's oldest private banks. Sent to China to negotiate the sale of the Jin Mao Tower he meets with Jeffrey Choi, a billionaire tycoon, who introduces him to a world of intrigue and mystery.

Against the backdrop of Shanghai's brash new world and a declining US dollar, Phillip Banks finds himself lost in a world of pain, power and unimaginable riches. He discovers a dark secret: Die Dollar Die. But what does it mean?

The Shadows

$24.95 + post & packaging

Set in the world of private banking this conspiracy thriller offers a glimpse into the plans and motivations of those who rule the world: The Shadows.

In this cautionary tale of the not too distant future Robert Salisbury draws into question The Shadows and their right to anonymity.

Phillip Banks is now a director at one of London's oldest banks - Delonge Martin - helping The Shadows, protect their assets, "no questions asked". Tasked with the acquisition of a Swiss pharmaceutical company, he travels from the Arctic to the Saudi desert, dealing within the tight-knit world of the uber-rich.

'Our aim is the creation of a highly talented but helplessly dependant population'

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Overpopulation follows the life of Phillip Banks as he travels across Asia and Africa bidding for control of Water Infrastructure projects onbehalf of his employer Delonge Martin, a private bank owned by Lord Martin.

Set in the not too distant future we find a world of booming Mega Cities afflicted by disease, mysterious infection, and mass rebellion. A world controlled by The Shadows.

Meanwhile in their quest for control The Shadows launch Spiron the world's first digital consciousness, with a view to re-ordering society in their favour. What could go wrong?

'Democracy cannot survive Overpopulation' [Isaac Asimov]

'Overconsumption and overpopulation underlie every environmental problem we face today' [Jacque Cousteau]

Ever since Thomas Malthus warned of the dangers of booming population Man has been beset with competition for resources. This book shows the plans being made to control Overpopulation

Overpopulation - Extract - Download
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The Phillip Banks Trilogy